Get a new lease on what it means to be political.  Think Social, and with congruent purpose.  Pro-active citizenship is a contract between persons to use First Amendment activity as a method of self improvement and expression.  Embrace the US Constitutional promise.

Project: CENSUS :Local Self Awareness.

Suppose we ask ourselves and one another, who are we? The Census is an act of self-awareness and empowerment. Speak up, write it down, pool your answers with neighbors and friends.

Whatis your interest or passion?
Make your card
What is your chief complaint?
Make your card

Suppose we suppose - that our interests and passions provide guidance toward the expression of our authentic selves. Suppose we suppose - that the combined expression of our true selves is to create an authentically human and humane society. Simply writing down answers to these questions brings more clarity and energy to make positive change. Speaking these answers so that others can hear, brings even more.

Learn to play your cards to make positive change in your life.

To publish is to allow others to read your information - listening and being listened to - consider the value of personal association. A storytelling circle for recovery work: a mastermind group (roundtable) for powerful peer assembly tonic to make movement on your interest, and resolve your chief complaint.

Find or set up peer assembly with your cards.
Play your cards
The communication processes above are about dialogue - disclosing, discovering and appreciating what is present and unique in each person. The process below is about deliberation - communication for the purpose of developing common ground for decisions about actions, policies and routines.
What are your ideas for how we can best govern our lives at home, at school, at work and in the marketplace, eliminating dependence on ways with destructive by-products?
Make your cards


Publish your answers in your locality. Get together and Act towards your own happiest pursuits.

Take Census to find where natural consensus shines.

click here for page of questions to print, collect answers in person

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